5 Common Mistakes When Packing Your Valuables

5 Common Mistakes When Packing Your Valuables In and Out Moving Tips:

Many people try to pack their own valuables and don’t really know how. So they take their best guess and give it a try. And you know what happens? You guessed it…their valuables get lost damaged or stolen.
So here are 5 tips to help you when packing your valuables:
1. Indiscriminately jamming everything you own into boxes might seem like the simplest way of packing, but it also guarantees needless stress and expense. For one thing, extra stuff equals extra weight, so you may end up overpaying your movers or overstressing your own back. Moving gives you a perfect opportunity to cull your possessions. Use your move to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, books you’ve already read, outdated technology, and more.

2. Poor Labeling – Having unclear labels or no labels at all will make the move more difficult than it hast to be, so take the time to label your boxes. You will want clear, legible labels to make sure your things get to the correct room in your house. You don’t want to have to take the time to move things around to different rooms once you’ve got everything inside.

3. Having the Movers Pack Your Belongings – While packing can be a pain, and you don’t let the movers do it for you. It’s not worth savings the money if you do not know what you are doing. You may save by getting boxes for free from local liquor stores and grocery stores. Your mover should have the right moving boxes. These boxes will be smaller, making it harder to over-pack to the point that it’s too heavy to lift. Should you still be on the mission of doing it yourself, keep things simple and affordable by packing your own things. Plus, packing it all yourself ensures you know where everything is, and that it’s all securely stowed away.


4. Mixing the wrong items- as it may be a difficult to decide how to pack to your items keep the basic rules. Fragile items in one, small items in small boxes, metal and solid or heavier items in the smaller boxes. You may place items in same box but always separate them with enough cushions. Either use your clothing’s, towels sheets or linens to pack the box without leaving any space at the top. Placing boxes on top of other boxes could cause the box to lose its integrity and crush.


5. Packing food- Eat and drink it before the move. Dry foods and caned food are safe to pack however any open bottles or food from the fridge should be tossed away. Taking the risk of placing them in the same box will only leak through and cause damage to other boxes. Should your shirts smell like vinegar that’s for you to judge or simply play it safe and just learn to get by until you make it again to the convenience store.