Moving Insurance Q & A – What’s BEST For You

Few things are as upsetting as a Moving Company breaking your valuables and items near to your heart. That’s why Professional Moving Companies have insurance. At ‘In & Out Moving’, you can rest assured that your move will be handled with all the care and respect you deserve. While our teams are experienced, trained and cautious, even the best-planned and executed move may encounter difficulties.

So it’s very important that you fully understand your insurance coverage options and make an educated decision prior to your move in the event of loss or damage.

The most common mistake is thinking that you don’t need any coverage. Even if decide not to get any coverage, it is mandatory for the moving company to cover you with the most basic coverage.

For local moves: How we protect you on local moves – Protection for your items

Option 1 – Limited Liability – Basic for local and long distance moves

You are provided with basic limited liability coverage free of charge. This is a state regulated rate of $0.30 per pound per article for local moves or $0.60 per pound for state to state moves. What this means that in the event of a loss or damage, you would be entitled to a maximum payment $.30 or $0.60 per pound per damaged or lost item. In other words, a hundred-pound item would be valued at $30 -$60 or less . With this limited liability coverage, your compensation will be only based of the weight and not the full value of the item.
As you can see, although this option is free, it provides the lowest possible compensation and therefore we offer the following option:

Option 2 – Insurance- Full replacement – Popular

A Complete and comprehensive separate insurance policy to provide you with more substantial coverage. Most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover moving related damage – you can call and check your individual policy. We highly recommend protecting yourself with the most comprehensive option available – replacement cost insurance from . You can cover lump sum (all items) or only insure those few high value items that most matter to you. Their insurance agents are helpful and ready to speak to you. Get a free quote online at since some policies could be different than others make sure to ask about specific items or items that are packed by you.
Points to ask your home owners insurance or renters insurance:
• Is the shipments covered while loading and unloading?

• Is the shipment covered while in transit?

• If needed, is the shipment covered while temporary in storage?

• Does the policy include any damage to promises at origin and destination?

• What are the deductibles in case of any damage?

• Does my policy include any mechanical damage to any appliance?

If any one of this questions are answered by your home owners or renters insurance to your satisfaction than we strongly advise to look into