Top 10 Moving Do’s and Don’ts

In and Out Moving Tips:  Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Moving Do’s and Don’ts’, Making mistakes when moving is very common. Especially when you don’t do it every day! So to save you time, money and aggravation, we’ve put together a ‘Top 10 List of Moving Do’s and Don’ts’
1. Organize all boxes in one location as they will be the first thing the movers will start with. Make sure to label the boxes with color code stickers (each color represents the room that box will go to at your new destination). Don’t leave any unmarked boxes.
2. Make sure to place any personal, high value and priceless items away from the movers work area to avoid accidents.

3. Arrange for parking through the nearest aldermen’s office to avoid any long walking that will cause time delay and will add to your bill

4. Elevators should be scheduled in a way that they are not overlapping each other. Discussing with your Moving coordinators will help make good determinations of both areas. Always try to schedule the first morning spot.

5. Let the movers wrap all your items to protect from getting damaged or damaging other objects like floors, walls, elevators. There may be an additional investment for the wrapping but in the long run it is much better.

6. Don’t concentrate on packing or moving the small items that will take a lot of time to pack. You can place them in a laundry basket wrapped with towels and place them in your car.
7. Pack like items together (example – do not put books with dishes). And make sure to keep the box light enough for you to pick. Also, don’t leave any space at the top of the box to prevent a ‘sink- in’ from other items stacked on it. Use towels or clothes to fill the space.

8. Your Refrigerator – empty, unplug and keep the door open for at list 24 hrs before the move. This way you will prevent mold and odors from being trapped inside.
9. Make sure you’re move is covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. If not than you should look into buying third party company insurance through . While most people assume that movers are covered, oftentimes they are not.

Top 10 Moving Do’s and Don’ts

10. When done loading always do a walkthrough afterwards to check and see if any items were left behind in your closets or by the elevator. Do the walk all the way to truck and inspect at the time of delivery. Always go out and check the truck to ensure nothing is left behind on the truck.