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Searching for boxes can be a daunting task.  Cheapest boxes does not mean the best quality. Each box needs to hold the weight of its content and the weight of boxes placed on them. In every move mostly there will be at the very list 3 other boxes set on top. So be careful of what you buy or you will get what you pay for. We have set number of Kits for you to use. Call us to get your box kit today 800-770-4200.


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Professional Moving Boxes

Small Box(1.5 Cu. Ft.)

Great for books, collectibles, small items such as picture frames, family albums, small paintings, magazines.

Medium Box3.0 Cu. Ft.

Used for food, clothes, kitchen items, toys, and misc. stuff.

Large Box5.0 Cu. Ft.

Large Moving Boxes are ideal for clothes, bedroom items, bulky but not overly heavy items. Also great for collectibles, holiday ornaments, serving platters, stereo & computer equipment.

Kitchen Box6.0 Cu. Ft.

Use to pack a standard size kitchen, including dishes, glasses, china and cookware.

Mirror Box

Used for pictures, mirrors and other flat items.

TV. Box

Great for packing clothes. Wardrobe boxes comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.

Wardrobe Box

Great for packing clothes. Wardrobe boxes comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.

Dish Box

Used for separating dishes in a dish pack.

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Quality Boxes at reasonable and affordable prices.

Most of our customers do ask for us to provide the boxes they need for few reasons. first reason – We do ask what the customers will use them for and advise of the best packing boxes. Secondly – We have a moving kit per each move at no additional charge. Thirdly – we guarantee our boxes quality. Lastly – we will collect empty boxes and will reuse them on breakable items in order to reduce pollution and help the environment.  Call us today and see what we can offer you 800-770-4200.

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